flower potluck

We invited our flower pals to bring all their leftover flowers from the weekend's weddings, events, etc. to give them new life in an old mechanic shop. Without any creative restraints, the group of flower designers worked together to transform an unfamiliar harsh environment into a soft, wild and exotic place. All in the name of fun & getting to hang out with our peers, the little Monday collaboration left us all inspired for weeks.

Photographs by Christina Lim & Danijela Pruginic.

Carrie Fisher and Bethany Puttkemery (Roadside Florist), Alex Cole, Dayna Armstrong, Kelly Jordan and Laura Davis (Patchouli Design), Jaime McCuaig (Local Flower Collective), Becky De Oliveira (Blush & Bloom), Jaimie Reeves (Leaf and Bloom) and Amira Shabason (Coriander Girl).