persephone @ the gladstone

Toronto Flower Market brought together a collective of market vendors for Grow Op 2016. Sharing their wisdom, talent and creative energies are farmer-florists Jessica Gale (Sweet Gale Gardens), Jaime McCuaig (Local Flower Collective), Sarah Nixon (My Luscious Backyard), and Sas Long (Floralora Flowers), along with Natasa Kajganic and Natalie Petozzi (Toronto Flower Market). All daffodils were locally grown in St.Catherines and donated by Pioneer Flower Farms.  

Looking up, you will see an entire flower. A harbinger of spring, Narcissus begin growing in the fall, setting roots at a time when nature cycles into death and hibernation. After surviving winter’s coldest days, the bulb concentrates its energy upward to flower. Persephone asks - is it not best, at times, to see the world from upside down?

Photos by Liam Coo & Natasa Kajganic. Daffodil illustration by Courtney Wotherspoon.