tfm @ detroit flower house

An incredible collective of women (aka. #6ixbuds) drove to Detroit in October 2015 to collaborate on the Flower House. This project brought together florists from across the United States and Canada to participate in a groundbreaking flower installation, raising awareness and funds to re-purpose and deconstruct one of Detroit's abandoned homes. 

The #6ixbuds team, organized by Toronto Flower Market, was given a room of their own which they named "Common Ground". This film documents their enthusiasm, cooperative nature and raw talent as they transform a rotting bedroom into a wild enchanted forest. Women working together for positive change and transformation. 

Video & Photographs by Rebecca Wood.

Jordana Masi (White Oak Co), Myrica De Haan (Roses and Twine), Adrianne Gammie, Jessica Gale (Sweet Gale Gardens), Dayna Armstrong (Patchouli Design), Jaime McCuaig (Local Flower Collective), Sas Long (Floralora Flowers), Becky De Oliveira (Blush & Bloom).