SMASH: we are more @ the gARDINER MUSEUM

Tasked with transforming the Gardiner Museum with flowers for their annual SMASH party, Toronto Flower Market tag teamed with designers Jaime McCuaig and Graham Teeple to create multiple installations throughout the museum

Glitch Terrace // Welcome to the dream jungle. Where flora appears to have been digitally processed -- plumes of smoke, long-stemmed sparks, dip-dyed tropical fronds consume the very structure that is hosting the party. A virtual reality beyond the museum. 

Grasslands // Inspired by Sabrina's Radiances, the grasslands brings the iconography of the pieces to make the observer feel as though they are in the projections.

Drag Garlands // What is seasonality and how can we confront it beyond a particular category or environment? All three sculptures represent organic matter, both edible and decorative, that are abundant and relevant to our community at this time of year. Dressed up in glamazonian drag and dripping down walls, do these flowers, fruit and veg transform the way you see the month of June in Ontario.

Photos by Danijela Pruginic and George Pimentel.